Going Outside of the Comfort Zone – Team Building & Leadership Development

As an event planner, I always aim to give my clients an unique experience that will be enjoyable, educational and in some way that will take them out of their comfort zone. People in general like to live comfortable lives, in familiar environments and with familiar routines, but this is not a positive setting for personal or professional growth.

When I first start to discuss and plan a team building event or travel experience with my clients I always ask what they want to achieve; different groups have different goals and objectives. A survival hike may fit a group seeking leadership development where as a travel planning and emergency management briefing scenario maybe a better activity for a group seeking enhance their public speaking skills and team bonding.

When people step out of their comfort zones it naturally raises their anxiety levels which enhances their levels of concentration and focus. When people are taken out of their comfort zones and successfully complete stressful tasks and scenarios, however big or small, it boosts their confidence and self-worth. This means in the long run they will be better prepared to deal better with stressful and uncertain situations that we all deal with in our professional and personal lives. They will also be more receptive trying new methods of operations and taking risks which are essential when developing a business strategy.

We should all seek to give our clients experiences they will never forget and this is best done by adding a controlled adrenaline rush. Think about what you can offer your clients that they have never done before or could possibly ever do again? Most of my team are former military and firearms instructors so we can include shooting in our events, be it just because it’s something the group have never experienced before and can be perceived dangerous, but when properly supervised it’s a hell of a lot safer than driving in South Florida or most other major urban areas for the matter.

By taking your clients outside of their comfort zones and exposing them to new experiences you are not only creating life lasting memories but also creating a perfect environment for team bonding. On our adventure travel, tactical ad team building events introducing our clients to the local cuisine and culture is just as important as their designated activities. Life is about experiencing as much as possible that this world has to offer.

When providing events where you will be taking your clients outside of their comfort zones you can expect some people to be anxious of any challenging ad new activities. This is where things need to be discussed in detail with the client throughout the planning process. No participants should be forced into any activities, if I am preparing an activity where I think someone maybe too reserved to take part, I always have a backup activity or prepared get-out plan to ensure no-one is embarrassed.

On some activities, there will be a succeed or fail element, but the participants need to know that they passed when they accepted the challenge and took part in the event. Our instructors understand the importance of positive reinforcement and that it’s their job to install confidence in the clients and to do everything possible to help them succeed. 

I think everyone in the adventure event and team building industry will agree that not only should we provide our clients with an enjoyable ad unique experience but also the opportunity for personal growth, which is something they will not achieve if they stay in their comfort zones!

My associates and I provide travel, event planning and team building activities for clients seeking superior service and unique experiences. I have over 30 years’ experience within the international security industry and have successfully organized projects in some very challenging locations. I am accustomed to dealing with five star ventures and third world issues, quite often in the same day! I am also a published author of two books and have been interviewed by numerous international TV and media outlets ranging from the New York Times to Soldier of Fortune Magazine on topics ranging from kidnapping, organized crime to maritime piracy.

My experience has given me a unique perspective and understanding of life and human beings in general. This knowledge enables me and my associates to provide our clients with once in a life time experiences that will never be forgotten!

Orlando Wilson

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