Animal Supplements

Global Epicurean works with specialist producers of animal supplements for pet owners and farming operations.

Animal Health & Veterinary Supplements

The animal supplement we sell use only the highest quality raw materials. The formulas used in the production of our animal supplements have been created by experts in the field of animal nutrition.

We sell animal supplements for resale and as a wholesaler, we can offer excellent conditions for our clients, as well as a diverse range of supplements:

  • Supplements for dogs and cats
  • Supplements for domestic birds
  • Supplements for working, racing, show or pet horses
  • Supplements for cows, sheep, pigs, and farm animals
  • Supplements for poultry

If you require specific or customized products, please contacts us with your requirements as we have the qualified experts and the manufacturing capabilities to produce unique products for our client’s needs.

Hen Recycling For Commercial Egg Farming Operations – Second Cycle

Second Cycle is a company that is dedicated to helping your egg farming business become even more profitable by saving you money due to not needing to purchase a new flock of laying hens when their productive lives are over. Our program is based upon our exclusive research and feed premix that has been developed over 20 years and is still being refined and is the premier hen recycling program available today.

We enabled egg farm owners to fast track their businesses while removing inhumane practices from the molting procedure. Forced molting is a brutal act on animals as many put profit before the welfare of their flocks. Dr. Zoran Filipović decided to tackle the problem of forced molting within egg farming and developed and animal friendly and more financially profitable program. Contact us for more details!

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