Wandering in Serbia: A Photo Tour of Serbia

I first went to Serbia in 2013 but have been dealing with Serbs, some of whom I class as very close friends for many years. This book is a collection of photos from various parts of Serbia taken over a few months in 2021.

After leaving Miami in the United States in 2019 after 18 years and traveling in Europe ever since I must admit my biggest mistake was not leaving the United States a lot sooner.  I arrived in Serbia after being in Covid lockdown in Greece for too long, I intended to stay a month but stayed a lot longer. Initially it was refreshing to escape the draconian Covid lockdown in Athens for something that was far more sensible. As the weeks turned into months the country and the people, even though I don’t speak the language, became a comfortable environment for me to be in and around.

Serbia is an old country with a very rich in history and culture that has been pinnacle in the development of modern Europe. Serbia has been a crossroads for Byzantine, Frankish and Hungarian kingdoms and was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries alone. The influence of the different cultures can be picked up upon, but the Serbs have still managed to keep their own cultural identity.

The future for Serbia is bright in my opinion, as it’s a fresh county which is looking forward while maintaining its traditional values and culture. Strategically and conveniently located at the crossroads between East and West it’s ideally located for future growth, and when combined with a polite and respectful population with amazing food, drink, and hospitality all I can say to finish it that I wish I left the United States a lot, lot sooner!

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Wandering in Serbia: A Photo Tour of Serbia

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